About Dwayne Foong

Dwayne Foong is a fashion and commercial photographer born, bred and very busy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has been plying his expertise in the industry since 2007, applying everything he learned on his journey and eventually developing his own unique style. He started off by assisting 2 commercial photographers and also served as a capable assistant in one Malaysia’s foremost commercial studios – Image Rom.
After paying his dues and earning his stripes, his range of work thus far is a wide and vibrant spectrum of glamourous fashion portraits, striking interior snaps and still life that will stop you in your tracks. He swept the silver award of the Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3) in Advertising – Fashion and he had been appointed photographer for the Miss Malaysia World as well as the Miss Tourism International beauty pageants.

To give back to the community and spread the knowledge he was fortunate enough to gain, he taught photography in a university and also helped other photographers set-up and start commercial studios. Now, at his prime, Dwayne wants to take the lessons he learned along his journey, bottle it up and share it online. All in the hope that it will help someone as much as it has helped him.


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