Templer Park

Hi It’s Dwayne Foong here, so that was the video that I shot in Templer’s Park which is north of the Kuala Lumpur city. This was an experimental thing for me because I saw a lot of YouTube videos from this particular YouTuber, his name is Kraig Adams. Recently he did a lot of hiking videos where he hike and shoot alone. I like his style because it’s very beautiful. There is not a lot of camera movements, the feeling is very calm and very zen like from watching the video. 

Since I am still new in making videos, I thought I would like to try that style as well.

This video is also fully edited in Davinci Resolve. Last two or three weeks ago, I actually attended a Blackmagic Design workshop and won a full version of Davinci Resolve Studio. So might as well make full use of it right?

The first apparent problem was I do not have enough shots. So there is a video by Vincent Laforet where by he talks about shooting 3+3.

“It is the simplest format in the world; wide, medium, tight, reverse. You can shoot any narrative scene even non narrative scenes as long as you follow this formula.“ – Vincent Laforet

During this trip, I think I did not shoot a lot of shots. When I tried to edit it I cannot do wide, medium; or wide, close, so I am lacking a lot of shots here. Looking back at the timeline a lot of my shots are like wide, wide, wide, so I think it is not very interesting. I don’t think it will keep the viewer engaged. Another issue that I did not expect was the waterfall sound. When I tone down the volume of the waterfall it just sounds like a white noise. So when I layer my music track in I also want to have some ambient sound from the waterfall; from the jungle itself. Instead of getting very nice water sound it sounds like an old TV. So I am not sure what to do with it. As far as I know from my limited experience, if I get a very close up sound of the waterfall it will sound like river flow and water flow, but I can imagine that the water flow is like a very small partand the waterfall is like majestic. So the river sound does not match with the majesticness of the waterfall. 

Some shots I did include some ambient sound and some shots I just remove it, because I seriously don’t know what to do with it. So if you guys have any suggestions, please let me know. Despite all that, I proceed with the editing, do the color grade and then do the sound design and then post the final video here. There are so many imperfections like I mentioned, but I think done is better than perfect especially for new comers like me. I need the experience and skills (like using Davinci Resolve or shooting the waterfall).

I think we shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes because these mistakes will carry forward. As in we will learn from these mistakes and then carry the experience forward when we start to make the next video.

So yeah, I decided to embrace the mistake and then just go ahead. So with that being said, I think we should not be afraid to make mistakes. Just get it done, learn from it and then move forward to the next project., next video. It is like a game, you start off at level one very lousy, you got no weapons, no equipments, and then slowly you level up and then hopefully one day you will be at level 100.

So thank you very much for watching, and I will see you next week.

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