MOS Speedfest Vol2

Ministry of Superbike – Speedfest Vol2

Slightly over a year ago in year 2018, I was approached to film a track day event at the Sepang F1 International Circuit. Needless to say that I was both excited and scared as I was a total newbie at film making a year ago (I still am today, but learnt a lot more and will keep learning as I progress).

At that time, I shot about 10 YouTube videos and have never shot for a client before. I did some vlogs and like many starting YouTube – some travel films as well.

Nonetheless, I soaked up as much YouTube tutorials as possible leading up to the event day. I watched a few similar motorsports/track day events to get a feel of it.

On the actual track day itself, I just imagined I was photographing the event itself. I made sure to cover the event flow (i.e. the beginning, middle and end) and get myself plenty of shots to make it easier later in editing.

The key lesson I learn from this: nothing can prepare you 100% all the time. Sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty, do the job, and improvise along the way. From there, the experience gained can further prepare you for the next job. Then the cycle repeats again, and again.

What is your opinion?

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