How much do you have to spend in Pattaya?

Pattaya is a popular tourist destination in Thailand. It is about 2 hours drive from Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand and it takes the same amount of time to fly from my city, Kuala Lumpur.

We went in a group of 4 photographers. We want to keep cost low but won’t mind spending a few extra Bahts if we feel like it. So it’s like in between a budget and a luxury trip.

We flew with AirAsia with no add on luggage so we stuffed our clothes and camera gears in a single backpack. However, we bought a single add on luggage for our way back from Bangkok because we figured we would buy some souvenirs back. We paid RM 428 total for a single trip from Kuala Lumpur to Pattaya.

On arrival to Pattaya we needed a transfer to our hotel. At the exit of the airport there is a row of booths offering transport to the city. I walked towards a random booth and got ourselves a minivan transport for THB 250 per person. Earlier the booth lady offered us to charter a private Toyota Fortuner for a total of THB 1,500 but I figured we’ll keep the THB 500 instead. We waited a while for the minivan to fill up, which it didn’t take too long, and we were on our way to the hotel.

Our hotel of choice was B2 South Pattaya purely because I had good experience at another branch of B2, which is B2 Jomtien Pattaya. We had 3 rooms for 2 nights for a total of THB 5,000 which works out to THB 1,250 per person.

We were starved upon arriving at the hotel as we had missed our lunch. Once we have done with checking in at our hotel, we went on to look for food. Lucky for us, there is a quiet restaurant just a few steps away from our hotel. We ordered some simple food, a bottle of cold beer, and we went on to check out a unique 7 – 11 convenience store in Pattaya.

Yes! It is a 7 – 11 store in the shape of a cruise ship. I first saw it on facabook and thought it was very creative! Pattaya is situated next to the Gulf of Thailand and it is only appropriate that they feature a cruise ship atthe 7- 11 store. Plus Pattaya also have a few marina yacht clubs in the area.

You can get traveller’s sim card at this 7 – 11 store. Over here you can get traveller’s sim card for about THB 250, valid for 7 days.

We went back to the hotel as the sun sets. We took a shower, rested for a little bit and head out again to the walking street for some beer.

We woke up next day to a hungry stomach so we went out looking for food. Since I am a fan of eating local, I suggested a “curry rice” stall which were across the street. “Kao lad gaeng”, or curry over rice which is similar to our economy rice/mixed rice stall. I enjoy eating at these stalls as I can have different dishes at one go. Sadly, my travel companions are not too adventurous and opted for a western breakfast instead.

We took a Grab to Sanctuary of Truth, which is a very nice temple made entirely out of wood. The wood sculptures within the temple are very detailed and precise, which made it a very good photo opportunity for us photographers. At this time of writing, some parts of the temple are in restoration process. You still can enter the compound and enter the temple though.

There is also a large “no drone” signage within the entrance. That sucks.

The property management also forbids e-hailing services within the compound. Instead, there is a large signage that lists down the taxi fare to all destinations in Pattaya. We were heading down to Central Festival Pattaya and the fare was THB 250. That is pretty fair price and they ferried us with a Toyota Fortuner.

We had lunch a Central Festival Pattaya’s food court. It was sizzling hot outside we figured we could use some air conditioning. I had some Japanese seafood thingy for THB 299.

Later in the day, we took a Grab to a supposed nice place for sunset watching at The Sky Gallery. Unfortunately, there were a bunch of like minded people decided that it was a good day for them to watch the sunset at the same time as well. The last time I was there, it was quite empty and we had the best seats in the restaurant overlooking the sunset. We had an average dinner for a total of THB 1200, including some hand crafted beer.

After a rather mediocre dinner and had no view of the sunset, we took a Grab back to the hotel and called it a day.

The next day we had the same breakfast set at the same place. It was our last day at Pattaya and we took a Grab to the bus terminal. It was a quick 2 hour ride to the Mochit terminal which is north of the city centre. There were buses heading to Ekkamai as well, which is the eastern terminal.

Here’s a summary of our expenses.
THB 670.5

THB 1095.50

THB 1250

THB 299

Entrance fees
THB 500

THB 3815

That is it for a very brief summary of our expenses in Pattaya for 3 days and 2 nights. You should know that this serves as a rough guideline and you may spend more or less than what I did,  depending on what you are willing to splurge on.

With that being said, I hope this little information helped you in any way possible. Happy travelling!

What is your opinion?

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