I prefer shooting when the sunlight is out and low, like the Golden Hour, for the most part.

Low lying light creates long, dramatic shadows and brings out textures on the subject that you are capturing. This applies to both portraits, landscapes and virtually every subject matter.

I have not been flying my drone for close to about 2 months. I had some free time in the evening but it had stopped raining just a couple of hours ago. The sky is still very cloudy and I am about to lose my golden hour light.

To make matters worse, my DJI drone batteries was about 50% discharged after 2 months of non-usage. I was shocked that it had discharged this much of amount. I certainly did not have enough flight time.

Nevertheless, they say practice makes perfect. So this is the result of short flight time, limited footage and a lousy weather.

// Gear list //

For those who are interested, here’s the gears used for this film

DJI Drone:
ND/PL Filter:

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