Shooting Tethered

My client demanded me to do THIS

I still remember the day when my client demanded to review photos on a laptop.

They wouldn’t want to look at my then Canon 5D Mark II LCD screen.

I was young, fresh, and working with an agency client for the first time.

When we finally wrap up the shoot, my client told me:

“I want to see the photos on a laptop next time.”

Today, all of my shoots are tethered. If you have been on Instagram, you would know that it is #betterwhenyoutether.

While being tied up with USB cables might be a turn-off, you might find that the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

Firstly, the LCD is too small for photo review be it 3.0- inch or 3.5-inch. The clients and stylists are going to thank you for the 13-inch screen.

Secondly, you can do much more on a laptop. I am talking about:

(how about showing all the shortlisted images on the screen)

(your client might need a specific size)

Checking for details
(Is the shot in focus? Is there sufficient Depth of Field at this F-stop? Is the eye liner or lipstick smeared?)

(How do this 2 different styles look compared to each other?)

Rough composite
(Does this angle work with the supplied stock image background?)

Do you need more convincing? Check out this article, written by a fellow photographer.

Here’s some quick check list before you can shoot tethered:-

  • A laptop/desktop (I use a 13 inch MacBook Pro)
  • A long USB cable (I used the original USB cable from Canon/Nikon with a 16 feet active USB extension.)
  • Software (I use Capture One Pro, but you can work with Adobe Lightroom, Canon’s EOS Utility,  Nikon’s Camera Control Pro 2, or Hasselblad’s Phocus)
  • A portable table, push cart, or whatever mobile flat surface you can find. (I use any table/surface with wheels)


Happy shooting!

As always, if you need more help you can contact me directly at FB Messenger or E-mail.


USB 2.0 Cable
15 Feet Tethertools USB 2.0 Cable on Amazon
16 Feet Tethertools Active USB 2.0 Extension on Amazon

USB 3.0 Cable
15 Feet Tethertools USB 3.0 Cable on Amazon

16 Feet Tethertools Active USB 3.0 Extension on Amazon

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