The Worst Photography Advice, Ever

You want to improve your photography skills and “shoot more” is the advice you have heard all day.

Well, that is just a small part of the bigger equation.

Without knowing your mistakes and how to learn from it, you will get stuck in the cycle of “shoot more” (with the same mistakes over and over again).

In order to improve your shots, you need to learn from your mistakes, shoot with new knowledge, then repeat again.

You probably need a mentor, a coach, a guide, a teacher to show you how exactly to improve your next shot.

Here’s the plan for you.

Next week (that’s 20th March), I am going to start #CritiqueMonday whereby we can review YOUR photo, pinpoint your mistakes, suggest improvements so you can shoot BETTER next time.

How you can do it:

1. Submit a photo to me
2. Tell me your purpose/inspiration for creating this shot OR
3. Let me know what do you want to achieve/If you have any difficulty achieving your desired result
3. If it is a studio portrait/product shot, send me a picture of the overall setup.

The number ONE way to improve is to TAKE ACTION.

Send me your #CritiqueMonday shots via Facebook Messenger.


Join me right away and receive instant updates on #CritiqueMonday. Sign up for FREE now. As  an added BONUS you will receive a FREE e-book as well.


What is your opinion?

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