Bridal fashion campaign for Posh Wedding Malaysia by fashion photographer Dwayne Foong. Shot in studio with Profoto lighting equipment and Nikon D810.

Posh Wedding Fashion Campaign, Part 2

The first assignment I had with Posh Wedding was a studio shoot, before I was contacted to shoot the second campaign in less than six months.

Working on a first assignment with any new client can be a daunting task, a little more so if the client decides to bring his own make up artist and hair stylist team. So, communication is the key here to manage expectations from both parties. There is also a lot of testing in the waters, much like going on a first date.

Posh Wedding had brought in their own props for the shoot. They also brought a set of very beautiful, detailed wedding gowns. I had a feeling that this was going to be a fun shoot!

Lighting set up was minimal. Profoto 5′ Octa Softbox was the main light on camera right, with 2 more Profoto strobes bounced to fill in the shadows. Colour treatment was done in post processing. As always, client gets to review the shots on a MacBook Pro tethered to a Nikon D810.

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