Azorias, photographed by Dwayne Foong

Behind the scenes with Azorias

Azorias, photographed by Dwayne Foong
Azorias, by Dwayne Foong

I have been doing photography work regularly for Azorias, the online fashion clothing store, since their early days. My task was pretty straight forward – to shoot a fashion catalogue of 100+ items on a model. Sounds simple? Not really.

Each of the 1,000+ images per session has to be consistent. That would mean using a branded, professional lighting equipment to give consistent light output and colour. (Sorry, China brand is out of the picture.)

Each piece of clothing has to be steam ironed to get rid of the wrinkles and lines. (5 minutes of steam ironing can save 50 minutes of Photoshop work.)

Make up artist and hair stylist has to be on stand by every minute so take care of the model’s hair and make up. (Again, 5 minutes of touch up can save 50 minutes of Photoshop.)

Each shot has to be checked on the computer for any imperfections so we could make adjustments immediately. I am all up for digital retouching, but I would rather not spend unnecessary effort to correct mistakes in Photoshop. Besides, would a professional photographer “allows” a mistake in his photograph?

OK, so what really goes on in a 10 hour day with Azorias in the studio? Watch this behind the scenes video:


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