Communicate for a better photo

by Dwayne Foong

In my line of work, I work with professionally trained agency models. They would already know their angles and poses at the back of their hand; there was very little direction needed once I’ve conveyed the mood I’m looking for.

This assignment was a little different in the sense that my subject of the day is not a professional model. I get enquiries through phone calls and e-mails to help new models develop their model portfolio, which is a series of photos in different style and mood compiled together. This is just another model portfolio session.

Since I don’t fancy posing a model like a puppet doll (not to mention looking awkward afterwards), I’d rather have them at ease and build rapport with them. We talked a lot of basic stuff – weather, hobby and anything that come across my mind at that point of time. In between conversations I would catch some candid which turned out pretty good.


by Dwayne Foong

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