Passion in my work keeps me going

When I got into photography, my passion was to create beautiful images. That same passion still stays with me today, although the commitment is higher than before – upkeep of the studio, camera equipments, lighting equipments, assistant and retouching fees are now part of the monthly expenses.

There will be definitely some days that the studio is not booked for jobs or meeting with clients did not go well. With tighter budget shoots and jobs harder to come by, would I rather be shooting for the sake of money?

Even if a job is done on a less than ideal budget, I would always focus on the other things that keeps me going. It could be the people who you are working with, the new experience that you are getting, it could be really anything. Most importantly as a photographer, no matter what circumstances I was put into I will definitely have my passion in creating beautiful images.

If you feel you are undercut by your peers and lackĀ motivation to create great pictures, read on to find out how you can infuse your work with passion again.

What is your opinion?

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