How photographers actually spend their time

When I was going to put all my heart and soul into professional photography, I thought the everyday routine was exotic locations, hot models, parties, cool assignments and expensive cameras. Almost 5 years into this professional business, my everyday routine is still far from that.

My point is there is a lot of “behind the scenes” work involved just like any other business; meetings, research, planning, post production, that sort of stuff. What other people perceives us to be doing is only scratching the surface.

So choose this profession only if you love it. Along the way to hot models and cool parties, there will be obstacles you have to face every now and then. If you don’t love what you do, these obstacles will hold you down and keep you from progressing.

3 thoughts on “How photographers actually spend their time

  1. yep – very little understanding what goes on behind the scenes of a shoot. Let alone running a business as well!

    1. Agreed – the problem is there is little or no appreciation or understanding of what goes into a professional photographer’s rates.

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