Image retouching

Image retouching is an essential post production process in fashion and commercial photography.

Retouching is not a process to correct a photographer’s mistake, but rather to clean up, polish and enhance the product or model featured in the photograph for a more professional presentation. I am an advocate of getting it right in the camera. Although my images are good to go as-is, they will go through a professional retoucher before it is published or submitted to clients.

Professional retouching is a very delicate and time consuming process. Most retouched images are not obvious to the ordinary person, yet it is these subtle perfection separates the good from the cream of the crop.

Besides retouching, digital manipulation and image composite is also part of the process especially in commercial photography. In the coming blog post I will show you some of the image composite process for a job I did for Johnnie Walker.

If you would like to know more about retouching, I’d like to share this blog with you: Perfect Photo Blog. Enjoy!

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